High resolution image streaming service

The goal of the project was to develop a web widget that displays a high-resolution scan of the historical map. An essential part of the project was a backend that streams imagery to the widget. Another component is the admin console to manage the whole system.

The main customer of the application was the National Library Board of Singapore. This project was developed together with the Spatial Discovery under the same contract.

The user requirement study started in spring 2015. The final acceptance and commissioning were completed late autumn the same year.

Currently, the application is in production and actively used.

Here is what I was doing in the propject:

  • Analysis and requirement study.
  • Leading the programming team and core development.
  • Development of the database for the Microsoft SQL Server DBMS.
  • Development of the backend part of the solution:
  • Development of the frontend part of the solution with  Sencha ExtJS 6.
  • Deployment of the solution on the servers running  CentOS 6.

Below are a few illustrations to give you an idea of how the application looks.

istream widget
istream widget
istream widget