Online mapping and reporting system

The City Hall of the Kuala Lumpur started this project to develop the web application for land parcel management. They wanted to get the application that would help them simplify the estimation of land parcel parameters, comparison of land parcels and producing of the cartographical reports.

The City Hall aka DBKL was the main customer who published the tender. I was heading the team of developers of the company who won the tender.

Few interesting features of the application to highlight:

  • Generation of the cartographical reports of large sizes (A4‑A0++);
  • Integration of the web-application with the desktop GIS software QGIS;
  • Tracking of the user activities on the level of database operations using pgMemento ;
  • Using the LibreOffice software as part of the report generation pipeline;

We started the user requirement study in late 2016. During the whole year of 2017, we were doing the development. In early 2018 we handed over the solution and got the final acceptance.

Currently, the application is in production and used intensively.

Below is the short list of what I was doing in the project:

  • User requirement study. Talking to the people trying to analyse and clarify their needs. It took a few months.
  • Leading the programming team and core development.
  • Development of the application database for the PostgreSQL DBMS extended with PostGIS and pgMemento .
  • Development of the backend part of the solution:
    • development of the REST API with Node.js and Hapi ;
    • integration of the Mapproxy software;
    • usage of the Mapnik , CartoCSS and GDAL libraries;
    • integration of the LibreOffice software;
    • integration with the existing database running on Oracle Database .
  • Implementation of the centralised logging system with the Elastic stack .
  • Development of the frontend part of the solution with Sencha ExtJS 6 .
  • Developing of custom plugin for the QGIS software.
  • Deployment of the solution on the servers running CentOS 7 and Docker ;

Please take a look at the illustrations below to get a visual idea of the web application.

User Management
User Management - User Profile
User Management - Roles
Role Management
Role Management - Role Editor
Maps - Layer Source
Maps - Map
Maps - Simple Search
Maps - Asset Search
Maps - Identification
Reports - Land Plan
Reports - Land Plan - A3 PDF
Reports - Control Plan
Reports - Control Plan - A3 PDF
Reports - Rating Plan
Reports - Rating Plan - A0 PDF
Reports - Comparison Plan
Reports - Comparison Plan - A3 PDF
Development Charge
Generic Search
Raster Data Catalog