Municipal Asset Management System

MAMS is for Municipal Asset Management System. The job was to develop a prototype of the system to manage municipal properties such as road infrastructure, bridges, slopes and so on. System had to provide web and desktop interfaces.

The main customer was a local municipality in Malaysia.

The job was done within six months during the years 2016 and 2017.

Unfortunately, the project did not come out of the prototype stage. Full-scale development has been cancelled by customers.

Here is what I was doing in the project:

  • Huge involvement in problem analysis and requirement study;
  • Leading the programming team and core development;
  • Development of the PostgreSQL/ PostGIS database;
  • Development of the backend part of the solution with Node.js and Hapi;
  • Development of the frontend part of the solution with Sencha ExtJS 6 and OpenLayers;
  • Deployment of the solution on the server running CentOS 7 with Docker;

Please take a look at the illustrations below to get the basic visual idea of the application.

User Management
Object Registration
Object Editor
Filter Expression Constructor